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Local streets

Frank says:

"I have always believed in playing my part locally. It is where you have to start.

For example, after 30 years, I remain an active member of the management committee of our local play area, Coram's Fields. That's provided a safe play area for local children in the centre of our city, with green spaces, astra-turf pitches and a small city farm.

And it's been provided to local children free from the dangers of drug pushers and other criminals. So I know that practical things, such as a set of new all-weather pitches, make a real difference.

I also remain an active governor of a local primary school.

These are not the sort of high-profile tasks which chat shows like to talk about. But they do make a real difference to the children and parents involved.

The neighbourhoods around where I live are always a target for property developers. Over the years, I have had to fight to protect the very existence of Covent Garden and other communities. But the communities are still there today and the property developers have been held at bay - thanks to our campaigns.

One person alone cannot do something like this. It needs leadership, but it also needs the involvement of local groups and others in deciding what should be done. That way you get a good result, one that lasts. That's my way."


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