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Frank Dobson in short

Frank Dobson, 28 October 1999:

"My track record proves I can deliver the leadership London needs.

That has included 30 years of contributing to my own neighbourhood, leading Camden, looking after Labour's interests in London as a front-bench Shadow Minister for London under the leadership of both John Smith and Tony Blair, and most recently as Secretary of State for Health.

My pitch in this election is that I will deliver results that will improve the lives of Londoners.

I have shown I can give a lead. I can take tough decisions. I understand that setting priorities means you can't go around saying yes to everybody. I believe that when we all work together we can get more done. So I am comfortable working in partnership with other people and other organisations.

And that will be necessary. The Mayor can't be a one-man or one-woman band. We'll have to get London working together - we'll need to involve London people, London businesses, London groups, London trades unions.

And we'll need the support and help of the Government. And I'm better placed than any other candidate to deliver that support.

Not by keeping quiet. Nor by megaphone diplomacy, but by putting London's case carefully, clearly and cogently. And I can do that - both at home and abroad.

I have a track record that shows I can do it."


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