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Five promises for London

Five cast-iron guarantees that will make London a better, fairer place to live - and won't trigger conflict and strife within the Labour party.

1. Free bus passes for under-18s

Every young person will get a free London-wide bus pass.


  • Improved access to schools and colleges.
  • Increased mobility for children living in poverty.

What difference will it make?

  • Send the kids to the museums and it won't cost a penny - great for families on low incomes.

2. A Medical Officer for London

  • To monitor and tackle poverty and other causes of ill-health.


  • Improved evidence for policymaking in London.
  • Raised awareness of links between social exclusion, poverty and ill-health.
  • Quicker action to tackle problems.

What difference will it make?

  • An end to lip service about the links between poverty and ill-health.

3. New low-cost homes for teachers and nurses

An increased stock of affordable housing to attract skilled staff back to London and raise standards in healthcare and education.


  • Better quality of life for teachers and nurses.
  • Easier attraction and retention of high quality staff.

What difference will it make?

  • Better care for you in hospital. A better education for your child.

4. Named neighbourhood police officers

Just as everyone has their own GP, all Londoners will get a named police officer in their local area.


  • Better communications between police and public.
  • A more personal service from the police.

What difference will it make?

  • If you phone the police station twice, you'll be able to speak to the same person both times.

5. Internet connections for 80 per cent

  • Four out of five households to be connected to the internet by 2004.


  • Internet access - even for those currently without a computer.
  • Economic growth for London as a centre of e-commerce.

What difference will it make?

  • Prevention of a new poverty gap between information haves and have-nots.

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