Issues for London
Crime Equality
Transport Poverty
Jobs Prosperity

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Issues for London

" I launched my campaign to become Mayor of London on 12 October 1999. I laid out then my priorities:

  • Tackling crime
  • Improving transport
  • Nurturing prosperity

I launched my policy on crime the following week. The week after that, I launched my policy on jobs and prosperity. Further policy launches are following.

I have also made a strong commitments to improving the quality of life of Londoners and to developing an inclusive London in which all are respected and all have the chance to share in London's success.

I believe this policy framework will enable London to tackle its deepest and most damaging problems. At the same time, it provides a focus for making sure London uses its strengths to exploit the opportunities that lie in front of us."

For further details of individual policy areas, visit the links from this page.


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