Frank Dobson - Labour Candidate for Mayor - pledges to fight for Londoners

"I've lived and worked in London all my adult life. My wife, Janet and I brought up our family here. We know London's advantages. We also know London's problems. And we know them because we've lived them. And like most Londoners we are sick of what's been going wrong. I am determined as Mayor to put those wrongs right.

"London has many strengths. Financial services, universities, colleges, medical schools and research bodies.

"London has major manufacturing and creative industries - and as we've seen this week, is a centre of fashion.

"London enjoys some of the finest theatres and concert halls in the world. Some of the best museums and galleries. And some of the greatest sporting venues, shops and markets. They attract huge numbers of visitors as well as raising the quality of life for Londoners.

"We need to build on these strengths to deal with London's weaknesses.

"Londoners want a city that is safer, cleaner, healthier and more prosperous. They want trains and buses that run efficiently.

"That's what I am pledged to do.

"As Mayor, I will work with the Met to make London safer.

"As Mayor, I will rebuild the Tube and make better use of our buses.

"As Mayor, I will work with business to retain and attract investment.

"I have been given a big challenge. The Labour Party has put its trust in me.

"Now I seek the trust of the people of London.

"I am confident that together we can rise to the challenge.

"Thank you."



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