Frank Dobson - Labour Party Candidate for Mayor

Frequently asked questions

1. What have you ever done for London?

I've built houses. I've opened parks. I've helped cut crime and I've helped bring in new jobs. I've helped save commnunities from the bulldozer and I've built new hospitals to look after them.

In fact, if you want to read through my track record, it's here on this website and it shows I have been delivering results that make a difference to the lives of Londoners for over 30 years.

I have done a lot of work in my own neighbourhood, in Camden where I was the Leader of the Council for some years, looking after London as a Shadow Minister for London and most recently as Secretary of State for Health.

And I also drew up Labour's plans for a Mayor of London.

2. What are your priorities for London?

I believe London has some major problems which need tackling now. Problems such as crime, poor transport and poverty. It's the job of the Mayor to help solve these problems imaginatively and effectively. And as Mayor, I would get the job done.

As Mayor, I will tackle crime, improve transport and bring new prosperity and jobs to the city. And I will do so conscious of the Mayor's duty to work on behalf of all Londoners.

3. Why did you decide to stand for Mayor?

London has given me a lot. It's where I have made my life. This is a terrific chance to give something back.

Being Mayor of London would also be a great job - demanding, yes, but also rewarding.

Also, this is job I feel confident about doing well. I know that I won't let London down.

And finally, I'd like politicians in London to cheer up a bit and take a bit more pride. It is easy to dwell on London's problems. But the important thing is not how bad London is - it's how much better London could be.