Frank Dobson - Labour Party Candidate for Mayor

What the papers say

Blair to come out fighting for Dobson's mayoral campaign 03/06/00
Times online: "Tony Blair is ready to appear alongside Frank Dobson..... John Prescott, Jack Straw, Mo Mowlam and David Blunkett are also lined up to appear with Dobson."

Blair backs Dobson 03/06/00
Evening Standard online: "The Government's big battalions, led by Tony Blair, are to mobilise behind Frank Dobson."

Dobson boost as he meets Nelson Mandela 03/05/00
Evening Standard online: "Frank Dobson's campaign to be London Mayor was boosted today when he met former South African President Nelson Mandela."

I'll terrorise the bus lane parkers, says Phillips 03/05/00
London Election online: "Labour's candidate for Deputy Mayor has promised a "reign of terror" against people who park in bus lanes. "

"Dobson vows to push for Tube aid" 04/04/00
Finanacial Times online: "Frank Dobson, Labour's candidate for London mayor, vowed yesterday to campaign for the government to put extra money into London Underground to make up for a £2.5 billion funding shortfall. Launching a plan to transform the Tube network, Mr Dobson said: "I would campaign to make sure that the government made up any shortfall so that the burden didn't fall on Londoners."

Dobson campaign starts the hard sell 03/04/00
Independent online: "Frank Dobson will seek to shift his campaign to become mayor of London into a higher gear today with the launch of his election slogan and advertising campaign. The campaign will use the slogan "Frank and to the point"."

Dobson: I'll sack bosses if Tube doesn't improve 03/04/00
Evening Standard online: "Launching a number of transport policy initiatives on the day he officially submitted his nomination as Labour's mayoral candidate, [Dobson] promised to introduce performance-related pay for all senior London Underground managers."

I won't raid council taxes says Dobson 31/03/00
Evening Standard online: "Frank Dobson has promised not to overspend and raid council taxes if elected as London's Mayor."

Livingstone's Tube plan 'naive' 29/03/00
The Guardian online: "Ken Livingstone's proposal to raise the finances to rebuild London Underground with a public bond offering could cost the taxpayer an extra £2.3 billion."

Livingstone bond plan for Tube under fire from LBS 29/03/00
Independent online: "Ken Livingstone's plan to use bonds to fund billions of extra investment in the Tube would be much more expensive than the Government's alternative of a public-private partnership."

Tube bond plan 'more expensive' 29/03/00
BBC News online: "A government scheme for improving London's tube network would be 20% cheaper than the plan favoured by independent mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone, according to a report... Labour mayoral candidate Frank Dobson described the report as "the book of truth on Livingstone's policy for the Tube"."

Glenda buries the hatchet with Dobson 28/03/00
Evening Standard online: "Frank Dobson's mayoral campaign gets a boost tonight when he is expected to receive greatest endorsement yet from former rival Glenda Jackson."

I was helping women 28/03/00
The Guardian online: "Labour pledged we would make NHS boards more representative of the communities they serve. As health secretary I upheld that pledge. Half of those I appointed are women, and the proportion of black and Asian appointees has almost doubled to 12%."

Dobson unveils plan for £50m London lottery 20/03/00
Evening Standard online: "Frank Dobson is today launching ambitious plans for a London-wide lottery to raise £50 million a year for health and education schemes in the capital."

'Frank Challenges Ken to three public debates" 14/03/00
Evening Standard online: "Frank Dobson told the Evening Standard:'Today I call on Ken LIvingstone to debate with me the central issues of this campaign - jobs, crime and transport - in three head-to-head debates. I believe this is the only way to cut through the superficiality of personality and let the people make informed decisions based on the issues.'"

Survival is name of game for joker Dobson 21/02/00
Electronic Telegraph online: "Frank Dobson's victory over Ken Livingstone was demonstration of his strongest political attribute. He is a survivor."

Dobson: Labour's loyal hope 20/02/00
BBC News online: "Frank Dobson was one of the leading figures of Tony Blair's Cabinet when he entered the race to be chosen as Labour's mayoral candidate."

'Defeatist' Norris ridiculed by Dobson 05/02/00
Independent online: "Steven Norris is being accused of running scared of the mayor of London race because he is also trying to make the Tories' toop-up list for the Greater London Assembly."

The New Statesman Interview by Steve Richards 31/01/00
New Statesman online: ""The self-same political correspondents who are now portraying me as a Blair clone and stooge are the ones who, from the minute Blair was elected, were saying that I was the bearded old cuckoo in the new Labour nest." Instead, [Dobson was] an assertive, independent-minded cabinet minister."

Smith's widow backs Dobson for mayor 29/01/00
Independent online: "The widow of the late Labour leader John Smith today endorsed Frank Dobson's bid to become the party's official candidate for London Mayor. Baroness Elizabeth Smith has urged Labour Party members in the capital to support the former Health Secretary's bid for the Mayorship in a letter to a national newspaper."

"Mo Vows: 'I Back Frank'" 25/01/00
The Mirror online: "Mo Mowlam loyally backed Tony Blair's London Mayor choice Frank Dobson last night."

"Vote For Frank" 17/01/00
Guardian online: Clare Short: "I strongly support Frank Dobson for mayor. I have known Frank for years, politically and as a good friend. He is radical and egalitarian, with a big heart and a hard head. He would be a great mayor."

"Labour big guns out to back Dobson" 12/01/00
Evening Standard online: "Foreign Secretary Robin Cook will give the former health secretary his personal support. Mo Mowlam, Ian McCartney, and David Blunkett will also appeal to members on Mr. Dobson's behalf."

"Dobson calls for war on the loan sharks" 11/01/00
Evening Standard online: "Frank Dobson today [declared] war on loan sharks and lenders who trap the poorest families into a spiral of debt."

Frank Dobson is the "Man with the plan" 29/12/99
Guardian online: "Frank Dobson may be the reasonable choice for mayor of London ... I shall be voting for [him]..." Ian Aitkin backs Frank for mayor."

'Real Labour' Frank profiled 12/12/99
Observer online:"Impossible not to like … Dobson wants to talk about issues, not Labour infighting. He has taken his campaign away from the claustrophobic argument over private/public transport and the pros and cons of bonds to the wider issue of equality."

Activists are sent Dobson pledge card 11/12/99
Telegraph online: Frank Dobson "promised free bus passes for young peoople, London's own medical officer, low-cost homes for teachers and doctors, a dedicated police officer for every neighbourhood, and internet lnks for four out of five households."

'Bus miles' to boost transport 09/12/99
Evening Standard online: "Frequent bus users would reap air mile-style benefits under plans proposed by Mayoral hopeful Frank Dobson. The former Health Secretary hopes to give regular users of London's buses discounts with retailers, cinemas, theatres and train companies."

Blair backs Dobson 28/10/99

Pledge over tube guards 26/10/99

Bernie Grant backs Dobson 24/10/99
Evening Standard Online: "Left-wing MP Bernie Grant has announced he is supporting Frank Dobson as Labour's candidate for Mayor of London and accused Ken Livingstone of not listening to black people."

A police officer for every corner 23/10/99

Chris Smith backs Dobson 22/10/99

Trevor Phillips backs Dobson 21/10/99

GLA candidates back Dobson +others 19/10/99

Blunkett supports Dobson 17/10/99
Guardian Unlimited: "Livingstone just tells jokes. But Frank Dobson as mayor would have the premier's ear."

Dobson unveils his vision for London 12/10/99
BBC online: "The former health secretary Frank Dobson has formally started his campaign to become the first directly-elected mayor of London."