Frank Dobson - Labour Party Candidate for Mayor - pledges to fight for Londoners

"I have made clear my three main priorities - and set out the policies to deliver them.

  • First, to crack down on crime and disorder to make London the safest capital in Europe.
  • Second, to rebuild the Tube and modernise the trains to give London once again the best transport network in Europe.
  • Third, to retain and create jobs by keeping London as the business capital of Europe.

"Nothing less will do. For years, under the Tories, London was not doing as well as it should. Crime and disorder have made Londoners fearful. The transport system was shamefully neglected - not least by Steven Norris when he was the minister in charge. And London lost too many jobs.


THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR THE FRANK DOBSON FOR MAYOR CAMPAIGN. You can also get official information about the Frank Dobson campaign from the Greater London Labour Party website.

Photo of Frank Dobson
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